the conscious fashion brand

Our Story


Our main objective is to create a minimalistic closet for every self confident and self conscious woman: to help them learn how to recognise and choose only high quality clothes that will last for a long time: and to understand every step of the process your clothes go through before they get to YOU.

Rima's Story

Hello, my name is Rima. Since childhood I have been surrounded by people who adored beauty and textiles.

My grandma was a culturally traditional artist who could create beauty from any kind of fabric. My mom worked in a textile factory during the Soviet Union times.

Being drawn to great aesthetics and beauty, I decided to study textile technologies and sewing, and now I have over 30 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry. Throughout my career I have worked with all kinds of fashion labels and learned the industry inside and out, so I REALLY know what quality looks like.

For some time I have felt conflict growing inside me. I realised that I was working in an industry that heavily exploits our planet, driven by humanity's immense need to always have something new, but never appreciating what we already have.

A heartfelt desire to spread awareness of conscious fashion and clothes steadily grew and now, finally, after two years of constant dreaming, the LONGEVOUS brand was born.

Now is the time for me to use my experience to spread better knowledge, understanding, respect and a dream for a better tomorrow to future generations. I believe my purpose in this world is to educate others and share my experience so that people can make better choices when choosing their clothes, and find appreciation within.

The mix of three generations in our team is our greatest advantage. We each see the world from different perspectives, but find common ground and  share the values that are so necessary for today's world: respect, sustainability, education, awareness, and love of nature.

Gintarė's story

Hi, my name is Gintarė. I never cared for fashion, clothes, the trending colours of the season or glitter. My friends were stunned seeing my wardrobe full of new, beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses and other breathtaking clothes. And despite this, I was a rebellious teenager wearing an old oversized sweater and a blue checkered shirt, made in Czechoslovakia, (a country which split apart long before I was born) which belonged to my great-grandfather.

Even though I had the finest clothes in my wardrobe, I always just wanted to wear those which had some kind of story.Helping the stories of those clothes live on was my most important value. It made the most sense to me to just wear clothes that made me really happy, and brought out my best qualities.

I felt goosebumps when I first heard about the Longevous mission. At that time the project had no name, but had the main essence still moved me. I was shocked at how much I didn’t know about clothes, and was not able to appreciate everything I had. Now I am learning everyday, reminding myself to be more conscious of, and responsible for, my actions.

Longevous is a brand born from experience and knowledge of creating high quality clothes while still respecting nature.

Solveiga's Story

Nice to meet you! I am Solveiga. My journey with fashion started when I was only 6 years old, when my mom taught me how to sew. From then onwards, all of my dolls were dressed in the most beautiful handmade dresses.

Even though I studied business management and worked in marketing for a long time, I never felt that I was following my dreams. I had always wanted to be a seamstress, but it wasn't until I had my first daughter that that dream returned. My daughters, like the dolls in my childhood, wore the most beautiful dresses I could make for them.

After some time Rima's and my paths crossed (we are neighbours, by the way). Over a cup of coffee we talked about clothes, their quality and their value. It radically changed my perspective on the fashion industry. Since then, I have tried my best every day to own a sustainable, less crowded and more harmonised wardrobe.

Even though I struggle to let go of all the things that I don’t need and to appreciate everything I have, I feel like, as part of this team, I can do anything. Longevous is me living the life I always dreamed of, and it brings all of the best qualities in me. As our clothes do in every woman.   

If we make conscious steps now we can help create a better tomorrow for ourselves and for our children.

Story of Gro

Hello, my name is Gro! I'm a designer in Longevous brand. It took me less than 5 seconds to say yes, to design the collection for Longevous. Immediately I knew it would be a collection of top quality and great workmanship.

We have been working with Rima for 10 years now. She was brilliant and has always worked through production with great understanding of fine tailoring, good fit and with an eye for the perfect detail. Also, we share values both in life and within our profession. 

I love and totally agree with the idea of LONGEVOUS: to change fashion their way with simple goals:  

- to create high quality, sustainable fashion pieces for women;
- to create timeless fashion using deadstock fabrics; 
- to sell a capsule wardrobe; 
- to help you understand your wardrobe and make decisions that are less damaging to the planet.  

In fact, I think our customers do not need more clothing... - but if they do. I can highly recommend to buy LONGEVOUS the top quality. It will last a lifetime and make less damage to the planet.